Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Which is the next country to understand that migrants represent the most go-get-it-daring citizens who can make a country prosper?

And hold it, the title does not mean I imply to make the crossing of any border easier… much the contrary… you might want to make it harder… and so that when someone crosses it you have a greater chance of getting the real fighters for opportunities, those who could really make you stronger, and not just those looking for that easy way out you cannot afford to provide them.

And I know this will upset all those who have spoken out against the horrors of “brain drain”… you are right, here I am speaking about something much much worse, I am speaking about “daringness drain”… but I do so in the hope that “the daring”, will not suffer heart-drain, and may one day decide to recover their homeland from those who denied them their opportunities there.