Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My tweets to Donald Trump on his Mexico Wall

My biggest concern with any wall is the chance of ending up on the wrong side of it, in the wrong company.

The Great Wall of China, did it keep the world out of China, or did it keep China out of the world?

America there is less than 30 years between Reagan’s “Tear down this wall” and Trump’s “Build up this wall”

Are you sure the wall you propose is not just another useless Maginot Line? 

The higher, wider and longer the wall you build, the more doors in it you need in order to survive and prosper. 

The only benefit a Big Wall could bring, is you might have a get those who can jump the highest or dig the deepest.

What if Mexico says: “Yes, we build the wall, but 100% with the least expensive labor?

Is not helping making potential emigrants want to stay home the best wall?

Is not the wall that America and Mexico might both want, that which separates us from those bad robots taking our jobs? :-)

What if a country attracted Americans like America attracts others? Would there be a Berlin Wall to keep Americans in?

Whatever, if Trump waves bye-bye to Nafta, I guess he knows that in order to achieve some of what he wants to achieve with the Wall, the Wall has to be at least twice as high.