Friday, January 12, 2018

On hearing about President Trump wanting to revoke Salvadorans’ “Temporary Protected Status”, I am and will be writing a stack of tweets

President Trump, I fully agree, there are some real shitty “shithole countries”. But please, never forget, even in these shitholes, there are plenty of great human beings, just like, even in the best countries, there are plenty of shitty human beings.

What’s worse? That a President refers to some countries as “shithole countries”; or that perhaps the majority of Americans would agree with him; or that there are some realities in countries, including in America itself, that could be defined as “really shitty”?

I am from Venezuela; it used to be a beautiful though by far not a faultless country, which country is? But now it is a shithole, and that’s my real problem. In fact, if President Trump would refer to it as a “normal country”, I would be very upset.

"Venezuela no es un país mierda, pero lamentablemente si un país vuelto mierda"

Why do many or even most of those originally from El Salvador and now living in America, not want to return there? Could it be because they agree with Trump’s definitions?

In The Guardian: “El Salvador ranks among the world’s deadliest countries for women and is the most homicidal place on Earth.” That describe better what, a normal country or a shithole country?

Extreme polarization blinds! What if Trump had said: “All countries are real paradises with great governments. We do not have the right to trick their citizens here, or, if here, to retain them from going back home”

I don’t get it. If President Trump truly believes that of “shithole countries”; and he might have his reasons, why would he want to force good hard working Salvadorans to return there? If paradises, would not many Americans want to go there too?

In pure Christian reasoning is not the more the shithole it is the more the reason to welcome those from there; that is legally of course; that is as long as they do not pose a threat to your own country; that is as long as you might not end up shittier than they.

Instead of threatening some good “temporary” citizens to have to go back to shithole countries, why does Trump not offer to build some Mar-a-Lago resorts to help make it paradise countries? 

I am a great admirer of those from El Salvador that honor their land of origin by laboring hard and honestly in America. I just wish they could and would exercise more influence back home. I just wish their good work not to be taken down by the criminals maras among them.

Washington DC, if after so many years of using them, you now ask Salvadorans, quite inhumanly, quite out of character, to get packing, you might sorely miss them, among other when its snows 

Frankly since it was awarded in 2001, has not Salvadorans “Temporary Protected Status” (TPS) long ago lost all its possible relation to temporality? PS. Washington, beware, you might miss them more than you know